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Socially challanged internet pussy. They suck up to girls, kiss their asses over message boards and chat rooms when they obviously could never talk to them in real life.
B: Wow, you looked very cute when I saw you last night!

G: Strange, you never talk to me in real life...

B: I know...! That's because I'm an ePussy!
by RandLor June 06, 2005
55 12

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Cyber sex from a female.
After meeting a girl online, it wasn't long until I was able to score some e-pussy.
by Marc Smyth May 15, 2006
63 30
There are a few definitions of ePussy,

1: a guy who is 90 and has wrinkly balls that pretends that he is a 18 year old girl, but really is a fag in disguise.

2: Anyone who is not an admin.
1: see epenis


(edsf)Nub: Fuck you!
(Admin): Burn, Slap, Blind, Freeze, Teleport.
by Haywood Jablome April 14, 2005
14 18