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A pro gamer since 1989. He is very famous among Warcraft 3 Map makers and hackers on USWest, and is among the best. Aboriginals had Dreamtime stories about the legendary eMoo and his amazing adventures. This is who eMoo reincarnated from (but as a caucasian). If you ever meet eMoo, consider yourself lucky. eMoo is generally the best at everything.
Oh my god! That's eMoo hosting Pokemon World 6.2!

eMoo strangled the 5 foot pidgeon and created the ocean.
by eMoo fan base January 24, 2007
A fat chick who dresses Emo.
Hip scene dude:"That emo chick would be hot if she didn't weigh 300lbs.
The other hip scene dude:" Yea she's a Emoo"
by yaheardsound1 August 28, 2011
Refers to an individual, either sex, that follow the "emo" lifestyle, but is usually a girl. This person believes that they are cute, sexy, attractive, etc...but in reality, they are fat, grotesque beings that no one will befriend. This terms may be inter-changed with "goth-a-potamus", "lard-core", "round-edge", both of which refer to the respective cliques which the names imply.
"She's sooo emoo, her Skinny leg jeans are actually wide boot cut Levi's."

"you're such an emoo-cow. Go bleed in your pasture."
by zomglolroflwtf July 30, 2009
Something your retarded mom says
Mom: I dont like your black eyeliner you look like a E-Moo
Me: Do you mean emo??
by daisy95 August 13, 2011
A girl who dresses in emo chick style, but is a bit on the fat side. E-moo (like a cow).
They try to get away with wearing the tight black jeans but end up spilling out of them.
'Hey guys check out the 'Emoo' chick.'
by Natalie Rackham September 27, 2006
emoo: A cow that cries while listening to Hawthorne Heights
"That cow started crying when I tipped it over with my truck. He is so emoo."
by LPFandy May 22, 2006
1.a loud, almost baby-like yelp sound, only made by those who really care for their dog's happiness
2.a sign of effection toward a dog which tends to generate excitement and adorableness from the dog
3.a name that a new dog owner could use

4.a katty-i persay wouldn't appreciate this sound
"Come here Emoo!"
"She's Emoo, let her be Emoo"
mooky , looky , dooogie , dog
real name of dog, katty-i , her mother
by mymotha June 28, 2011
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