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A person or individual who will do all of their Christmas shopping on eBay.
Woman 1 : 'I wonder what my husband is getting me for christmas?'

Woman 2 : 'Urg!, last year John gave me an eMas!'
by IVIoosh December 07, 2010
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a gorgeous, nice girl who is freaking irresistible for guys.
OMG! She's so ema.
by doodlished November 18, 2010
100 41
Education Maintenance Allowance

A weekly payment given to some college students in the UK for having 100% attendance. Eligible students will receive £10, £20 or £30 depending on their household income. A total of £500 in bonuses can be received if the student returns to college each turn. The purpose of ema is to help students who may struggle financially, but really it's just a way of bribing students to come to college.
I hate my next lesson but if I don't go I won't get my ema this week.
by Calvinh April 28, 2007
70 37
Definition Of Ema (pronounced Eeeeee-mmm-aaaa)
Ema is usually a female.
Her name means "Crazy one" in a long lost language of ye olde sea-speake.
Ema's soulmate (husband) normally is called: Clarke, Bob or Jake.
Ema is a very musical person and plays a cello.

Ema normally has a twin (called Ella)
Overall, Ema is a kind person, who thinks shes a teapot.
Oh, whos that girl who thinks shes a teapot, oh yeah its Ema!
by TheGirlWhoEatsPeople May 28, 2010
52 25
the coolest name ever
"wow that chick has the coolest name" "what is it?" "Ema of cores"
by wannabeema October 05, 2008
78 55
Short for "Eat my ass."
Pat: I can't believe you're not coming to the strip club with us tonight...
Brad: I can't, I have a huge cardio exam I have to study for.
Pat: EMA! That excuse is not good enough.
by LPdoc January 30, 2011
33 12
Eat my ass
As you angrily hang up the phone with someone who just pissed you off, you hang up and shout "EMA bitch"
by anjvat May 11, 2011
9 4
EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) is a weekly grant of £10-£30 per week for 100% attendance to College or Sixth Form classes if you're aged 16-19 in the UK. Varies by income, but households that are on £30k+ a year are inelegible, which is a tad unfair, as people who earn £30+ are obviously taxpayers!

Most of it isn't even kept for "educational maintenance", many kids blow it on drugs, alcohol, make-up, cinema tickets, cigerettes, videogames, night-outs, etc. Only a few kids actually spend it on school equipment or save it for university (the true 'working class' who actually want to better themselves).

Really, it boils down to bribing chavs (who are NOT 'working class' by any means) to attend their Level 1/2 hair-dressing or mechanic courses at FE Colleges and not committing crimes on the streets.

Personally, I believe that EMA should only be given to students (ALL students, not just low income ones) doing Level 3 and above courses at Sixth Form or College, such as A-levels, International Baccalaurette, certain BTEC's, good apprenticeships, etc. or those who have to resit their GCSE's. I personally believe the use of EMA should be moderated, and if it's found that students are wasting it on junk, then they should have the allowance taken off them, afterall it is TAXPAYERS money and not simply theirs to do what they like with it. If they want money to piss about with, they should get something called a JOB.
Jamie was able to afford a PlayStation 3 console with the new Modern Warfare 2 game thanks to saving up four months of his EMA, while attending all his Sixth Form lessons, although he's spent some of it a bus pass to get to college and some new pens.

(OK use of EMA)

Shenise spends her EMA money on lots of make-up and getting pissed down the park with her mates every weekend, and attends college to not do any of her work, and piss about with her friends and annoy other students.
(BAD use of EMA - should be taken off her immediately)

Grayce is saving most of her EMA money so she can afford university after her A-levels and has spent £20 this week on a new Maths textbook and some stationary.
(The reason why EMA was brought out in the first place.. this is the PROPER usage of it that's sadly rare)
by Bornnnn to be Wilddddd UK March 21, 2010
17 15