A place to where you can hustle and be hustled on the internet.
John just hustled that guy on ebay.
by Jnelsonmarka December 15, 2006
The place where the postage price for an item is double, or more than double the main, discounted / half price of the item.
Man, the postage cost for Dance Central on eBay is twice the cost of the game itself, even though the game is at half price.
by ProRaghu May 12, 2015
Ebay; one of the worlds most common websites.
Don't trust sellers from there if you are buying designer products! Many lie and say they are authentic, but they are not!
seller: i promise you this louis vuitton alma bag is 100% authentic or your money back!
buyer: yay that's cool! *orders it and spends $1500*
buyer: (recieves package and purse)
buyers friend: ewwwww your purse is a FAAAKEEEEE!!
buyer: no its 100% authentic!!
buyers friend: no its not hun. i know what replicas and knockoffs of louis vuitton look like. you have one.
buyer: but i spend almost $2000 on a fake purse!!!!! and they promised it was real!!
buyer: (goes back to ebay, sends seller an email)
seller: (reads email and deletes) (laughs his head off because he ripped her off)
buyer: *cries for years*
by Kellllllllly June 28, 2005
the place where they sell shark fetii for $13
draik: hey look its a shark fetus on ebay wtf
draik's friend: so what i found a piece of toast bitten by justin timberlake.
draik: justin timberlake has no balls
draik's friend: yeah i know
by drizaik July 20, 2003
a mass market of various objects to sell for fun to see if people will actually buy them. once harbored kidneys and bridges, but i guess someone got mad.
Bono's semen and pair of shoes! kick ass shopping at ebay!
by Adam McD July 18, 2003
Internet site for selling junk and ripping off people.
Dave bought some smelly used panties on ebay to give to his gran.
by BlueOyster May 25, 2003
An online e-commerce website than enables a user to trade their 'unwanted goods', that would frankly, before 2005, be found at the local charity shop or landfill site.
"I found a used condom on eBay, it was only 1p so I decided to bid on it and guess what?

by merrymuppets October 21, 2012
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