an online auction site where you can buy collectibles that were in ancient times bought at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores for next to nothing. Now they can be bought from any schmo in the world and shipped anywhere for lots of $$

Also used as a VERB
A: Jeepers, that Elvis ashtray you found in your grandmother's attic looks like it might be worth something, you should ebay it.
B: Ya, think? I've been ebaying a lot lately.
A: er, getta life <mrft>
by flippytale January 15, 2004
An endless, nearly global electronic yard sale with every other word of advertising copy misspelled or misused; the best thing that ever happened to fatten and sustain the bottom lines of UPS and FedEx; but sometimes a great way to get what you want since junk commandeered the marketplace.
"Irregardless of price, this amazing (old electric fan, classic Harris Tweed jacket, tired old toaster, marvelous Advent loudspeaker, and so forth) can be liek new if you'll put in more effrot then I planned to when I buoght it off eBay last moth, and I only carge a small handlign fee (enough to pay my car insurance for next month) + shipping." Aaaargh.
by Potrzebie February 11, 2007
Quality ass shit at stolen ass prices
My brand fucking new VCR got robbed and turned up on ebay!
by oobstef July 24, 2003
One of Saddam Hussein's late sons killed July 22, 2003 in a coalition operation on the town of Mosul, Iraq.
Doobie and Ebay Hussien were numbers 2 and 3 on the U. S. Central Command's list of the top 55 most wanted.
by Wigga July 23, 2003
Ever wondered why Ebay is an addiction?
There is a subliminal messege in the title E.B.A.Y.

(E)veryone (B)uys (A)ll (Y)ear
(Y)ou (A)re (B)uying (E)verything
Everyone Buys All Year
You Are Buying Everything
on EBay
by wonderfulwardy April 02, 2010
Where you can sell your most crappiest household items, including your computer, mother, dog and toaster (Y)
girl: HEYYYY, where did mom gooo?

brother: yo bitch, i sold it on ebay.
by hello_jim June 19, 2007
Ebay: The time clock buster.
Ebay: Freedom of being your own boss.
Ebay pays my bills when I list items for others to buy.
by epmb September 13, 2006
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