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A internet site where you can buy cheap junk with expensive postage from sellers who only make enough to pay the fees. The play ground for chiense scammers and greedy CEOs. For further definitions see internet scams
Ebay buy a $30 dollar kettle for only $0.99 + $29 postage
Ebay Bargain 8 gig MP4 only $50 may only be a 1 gig player and may not work but what a bargain
by Pommy Tony April 06, 2008
11 1
A place where you can by a man to dress up as Larry Bird and dig you a hole.
I need a 1987 figurine of a globe that is hand painted. Where can i find that? TRY eBay!
by boom-shocka-locka January 09, 2006
20 10
A great place where you can buy a "rare" £5 coin for £20, there are lots of people who sell their junk here and people who buy others' junk.
"One man's rubbish is another man's treasure." eBay in a sentence.
by Soiled Undergarment August 14, 2003
18 9
a site where even shit sells at thousands
-i have just placed a drawing of my 4 year old son on e-bay
-haha you piece of shit
-hey! it's $152.99 by the time
by maniosoek October 08, 2006
19 11
The only place you can buy a bear for $20 thats been filled with some randoms cum.
bear filled with some strangers cum... Ohh the things i can do with this
by do do do May 19, 2005
24 16
A website auction where you rip people off because they're stupid or people rip you off because you're stupid. See: Napster
by Sedi May 31, 2003
17 9
The shit. Ebay is so totally awesome.
Ebay is so awesome I want to crap my pants.
by Scott June 18, 2003
42 35