A place where you can by a man to dress up as Larry Bird and dig you a hole.
I need a 1987 figurine of a globe that is hand painted. Where can i find that? TRY eBay!
by boom-shocka-locka January 09, 2006
A great place where you can buy a "rare" £5 coin for £20, there are lots of people who sell their junk here and people who buy others' junk.
"One man's rubbish is another man's treasure." eBay in a sentence.
by Soiled Undergarment August 14, 2003
A website auction where you rip people off because they're stupid or people rip you off because you're stupid. See: Napster
by Sedi May 31, 2003
a site where even shit sells at thousands
-i have just placed a drawing of my 4 year old son on e-bay
-haha you piece of shit
-hey! it's $152.99 by the time
by maniosoek October 08, 2006
The only place you can buy a bear for $20 thats been filled with some randoms cum.
bear filled with some strangers cum... Ohh the things i can do with this
by do do do May 19, 2005
The shit. Ebay is so totally awesome.
Ebay is so awesome I want to crap my pants.
by Scott June 18, 2003
The place where I keep 80% of my income!
Honey, I just bought Genuine Babe Ruth autographed Aluminum bat for $200.00!
by Doggy Fizzle June 04, 2003

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