Abbreviation for "Engineering Bay" in Starcraft.
Early expo is weird I would make an early ebay drop gols and 2 scvs o­n cliff turret seige it make his expo a waste of 400 minerals
A quite brilliant online marketplace that Gaz Jones spends too much time on.
My Ebay rating is 147
by Well... October 17, 2004
Where fat old people who don't know how to type go to buy stuff.
how do i get on the interweb?
by BLACKdsa June 07, 2003
A site where assholes can put in a bid in the last few minutes of the auction to try to screw over other people who want to fairly bid for the item.
last minute bidders at ebay are so annoying
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004
An auction site on the internet, that sometimes has really weird creepy stuff.
"mary likes to bid on ebay."
by kim October 16, 2003
Slang for ecstacy. Used when you don't want people to know you are talking about E.
Let's all go do some ebay and party it up.
by lostgirl June 02, 2005
Biggest rip-off auction site where you can sell something for $9.99 and be charged $50 in selling fees. Frequented by losers, hicks, white trash, and carnies.
Ebay and Microsoft are in bed together. I know this because Ebay's website only functions properly with MS Internet Explorer.

I was so sick of Ebay's evil business prcatices that I posted Ebay's geo coordinates on an Al Qaeda website. Ebay no longer exists... Does anyone know Microsoft Corp's geo coordinates?
by Pappa-Son December 19, 2004

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