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a place where your clientelle is a bunch of stupid people.
you can have this almighty mint cent, complete with abraham lincolns head engraved on it for just 1 dollar. act now and you can have a hundred of em for 3 easy payements of $50.

i got this penny on ebay
by mstrofobvious April 03, 2009
A great way to kill time at work
I bought a Rocawear purse, a ancient kettle, Pokemon cards, and Weird Al CDS all on ebay.And get this. All under 20 dollars. I don't really understand the shipping though
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 08, 2006
A Weird Al Yankovic song from his 2003 release "Poodle Hat", in parody of the Backstreet Boys' "I want it that way".
I never heard of the song "I want it that way" by the backstreet boys until i heard weird als parody "Ebay".
by bob June 18, 2003
A very popular auctioning website.
Uncle Sam says ya might blight eBay.
by Mewtwo October 27, 2007
eBay is the biggest Garage Sale on Earth!
Wow you can find anything on eBay!
by Shawn Underwood January 07, 2007
A macedonian word meaning sex
eg. "ebay so schenska"
have sex with a women
by Rob March 06, 2005
Abbreviation for "Engineering Bay" in Starcraft.
Early expo is weird I would make an early ebay drop gols and 2 scvs o­n cliff turret seige it make his expo a waste of 400 minerals