slang- term used to describe a provider of goods, all goods, everything your looking for and everything you didnt even know you wanted "i got it from ebay. no from ebay not on ebay."

slang- term used to describe someone who eats too mu ecstacy. "dude that his 10th pill tonight hes a total ebay."

person/living adjetive and verb= a peradjerb. Ebay is one of the most know memebers of undergound electronic lifestyles. He spends 90% of parties teaching and showing kid new to "the scene" what to do, who to avoid and how to stay safe and in general alive. also refered to a "papa" by he is a father of hundreds of children in dozens of cities being the closest thing to a father figure most of them have. He will love you the moment he meets you until you break his heart. a living legend, leader and lover.
Ebay, eBay, E-bay, ebae, papa, papa e, papa, dad, daddy, living, legend
by NekoPrincess February 03, 2010
Junk Central - You buy something that should never have been made. Then you pay the Post Office to smash it.
eBay lament "Is this a puzzle or what?"
by Baffled Businessman April 25, 2009
An online marketplace where you can sell everything but your soul.
Tom: I bought these really hot rims off ebay.
Peter: Oh that's nuts, I bet you woulda saved a heap of money.
by Mz-cRaZy-HuNNii July 20, 2006
To reserve one's possessions for sale on the popular auction site eBay.
I'm gonna ebay all that stuff in the corner a little later this month. Help pay the rent.
by Orderbringer August 29, 2005
The place where the Sailor stars botoleg goes for mad amounts and is where I sold my fiancee Dash
I owe Ebay 500 dolla fo fees
by Pristine December 20, 2004
the yardsale of the Internet
I was trolling around eBaytoday, and I found two old AMDlaptops, a bootleg Blue Oyster Cult CD, some ron jeremy DVDs, and some livestock, all for under $60 total.

I bet I get fucked on shipping.
by Ricky Roma November 20, 2003
A mythical place of great magical power.
Stay away from my blades. In fact, don't touch any of my weapons without my permission." said Jace.

Well, there goes my plan for selling them all on eBay," Clary muttered.

"Selling them on what?"

Clary smiled blandly at him. "A mythical place of great magical power
by Lbmarch December 12, 2009

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