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When two or more users will try to outbid one another, usually near the expiration of an auction, with low bids from the final minutes to higher bids of the last few seconds of the said event. As well, there is an overwhelming sense of Ebay jeebies when "engaged" in an eBay War.
User1 (Texas): "Dj_Krack_a_Lack_a isn't gonna get that last copy of the unedited Korean-bootleg version of Napolean Dynamite, with 5 seconds of additional bonus footage, and a new catch phrase, even if I have to bid $100!"
User2 (New York): "Why won't EM0K!D1234 give up? I'm getting that DVD!"
User3 (Toronto): "I'll just click the BuyItNOw! and end this eBay War"
by yetanotherdj August 29, 2006
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