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The act of being electronically "nailed" and satisfied by another party.
Oh my God, I met this totally hot guy on line last night and he e-nailed me!
by MissMolly June 23, 2005
Nailing some one that you met through email, a dating website, or on line in any way. The actual nature of the relationship is irrelevant. Even eharmony counts as an enail.
Match.com set me up with this sweet enail, she did everything I asked for, it was almost like ordering a whore.
by what just happened April 26, 2009
To spank it while looking at electronic porn. i.e. on a computer or CDrom.
Damn, bitch! I enailed Britney Spears ALL NIGHT last night!
by chartman September 10, 2003
To enail someone is to enjoy sexual encounters via email.
FRIEND 1 "O hey how are you? By the way, you know your friend ****? Well I have some news... we've been enailing for the last month!"

FRIEND 2 "Really?! Wow!"

FRIEND 1 "Yeah, we enail at least once a day! He is seriously AMAZING!"

FRIEND 2 "You should just marry him."
by Lyd8 May 03, 2011