the greatest man alive. frequently wears v neck t shirts, has a large forehead, and is an art director. see doug mennen
Crab people crab people crab people
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busting your butt, going above and beyond the call of duty working on the computer over internet due to a screw up usually by some other party.
sorry honey i won't be home for supper because ebay loused up all 4000 of the listings in my store and now i have to work a few extra e-miles to get on track.
by em bee kay August 31, 2008
The cutest nicest person you could ever meet. Typically a french fanboy, and will always ask you for help and give you help in return. Will talk to you whenever you need to talk to someone and is very playful and slighly flirty without knowing it. If you know and Emile and you're not friends with him, make him your friend, unless he refuses.
Girl 1: He's so nice to her and always helps her out! I want him to be my friend.
Girl 2: He must be an Emile
by lizzyaintlezzy February 24, 2015
French for charming but used today as any and all of the following: Ladies man, Romeo type, Man-whore, sexy, Hottie, ect.

Also the name of singer, dancer, actor, and member of The Heartbeat boys.
That guy in the club, dancing with all the girls, is such an emile.
by Cheerchick98 August 21, 2008
getting high with a cool dude who thinks he is a girl
i was getting high with an emile
by dc April 21, 2005
One of the pubic hairs on a mans balls.
I have finally gone through puberty. I have many emiles on my balls.
by james long April 23, 2005
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