Shorthand for "electronic meet." Used when two parties meet or are introduced to each other for the first time via an electronic medium such as email, IM, Twitter, facebook, etc...
After a he had been contacted by email from a vendor he had never met before, Josey wrote back: "It is a pleasure to e-meet you and I look forward to servicing your needs with my quality computer consulting."
by original7 July 23, 2010
Top Definition
The initial electronic correspondence between strangers.
It was nice to e-meet you, hope to hear from you again.
by swest May 12, 2005
Modern day replacement for 'pleasure to make your acquaintance', often used by pretentious (and often vapid) individuals with no imagination or sense of how ridiculous they sound; typically found in the world of online marketing.
"Hey there, great to e-meet you..."
by PapaRT September 11, 2013
emeet - a digital introduction via email, conference call, skype, etc. Generally for a contact you've never met before.
Hi Jeff, It was nice to emeet you via Skype yesterday. That woman I emet on the conference call was a royal biatch.
by insanediego December 05, 2012
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