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an e-mail message sent by a male to another male(s)that has homosexual undertones, either intended or not.
- Chris constantly sent out e-males to his buddies, yet he has still not come out of the closet in person.

- Dude, that was an e-male!
by Timmy PE January 04, 2005
No time for sexuality. An emale is someone who spends as much time on the internet as possible. Courting and having a relationship takes up too much time.
Man: So, are you looking?
Emale: Sorry, I don't even do cybersex

Woman: Got a special someone?
Emale: The only reason I'm here is because I need to pay the internet bill.
by Ashley S February 10, 2006
Man who prefers a laptop to a lapdance. Will send scads of suggestive photographs to online women, but an actual encounter with Emale tends to be disappointing.
Emales can appear to be very outgoing online but are generally shy, insecure people who avoid crowds and cocktail parties.
He was so hot in cyberspace, I wonder what happened?

Don't blame me, I told you he was just another emale.
by Phylipswiller May 17, 2007
Nude photos of yourself ( if your male )
Nude male photos

...sent, recieved, downloaded or uploaded on to or from the internet
guy " did you get my E - Male ?"
girl " Oh YA! "
by Tygeromie February 02, 2007
A male that would otherwise would have barely passed the grade, having only achieved an e, but is virtually indispensable online.
This is the e-male I was hoping for.
by Hercolena Oliver May 05, 2008
An award created to offically alert the rest of the world of chronic e-malers. Can be given to anyone at anytime before 3:30pm, but only one per day.
Chris is hands down the biggest e-Maler of the century. He should just admit he's gay already!
by Jake and the Fat Man January 06, 2005
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