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A person which keeps every iteration of a file ever created in a system so disorganized and unintelligible that when they do need the file, they can't find it.
Steve, you email has been full for 5 f^*&^ years, and you are blocked from recieving email again. You are such a ehoarder, will you please clean your s%^ up!
by Samuel Fucking Adams July 02, 2013
Someone who uses torrents or other means of downloading to...

1. Download massive discography's of (Tv / Movie / Music) files that they will never have time to enjoy, or have already watched/listened to, and will never again.

2. Has over 1 terabyte of storage for this reason.
My e-hoarder friend is downloading all 16 seasons of the Simpsons, but has watched every one since grade-school.
by Harry Balzach March 04, 2012
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