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The female version of e-peen(aka e-penis). Also commonly used is e-tits. These are used a a discription for a females internet body parts.

This is also commonly used to describe the female version of "Flexing our muscles".
"I totally pwned that e-peen 1337-tard. No one can touch my e-gina!"
by LadyEcko September 28, 2005
A stylized and unrealistic presentation of a female personality in an online context. Typical characteristics include exaggerated sexual proclivities, exaggerated educational and vocational status, reduction of weight/height ratio, psychosis.

E-gina is often used to encourage competition amongst male and/or lesbian chat room and forum participants.

See also myspace angles, e-peen.
Dude, it was just a nice movie gossip forum till that chick showed up flashing her e-gina.
by whodeaux July 02, 2009