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A completely incompetent moron. And E-Gangster is usually the type of idiot you find in real life using ebonics and wearing sloppy clothing (apparently bad grammar and a disheveled appearance makes you cool), only an E-Gangster has some how discovered how to use the internet.

An E-Gangster is typically a very compulsive typist and likes to actually type sentences like "yo dawg fo nigga biotch". You will commonly find E-Gangsters poluting online games, message boards, and even, where they constantly misconstrute the word "urban" and try to convince people that "urban" refers to the "ghetto".
(1.)flintxvi: ns blue. hey sniper, cover me.. i'm on the roof.
<<tHuG4l1fE has entered the game>>
bluedeath3: ....
tHuG4l1fE: yo dawgs wutz up? i'm chillin to eminem! yo niggas how you play dis game?
flintxvi: dear god in heaven.. MAKE IT STOP
tHuG4l1fE: yo homey why you gots 2 b trippin liek a fag, cuz?
<<tHuG4l1fE was gunned down by Sniper1337>>
<<Head Shot!>>
flintxvi: ns sniper

(2.)How in the hell did something called "fo shizzle" get in the most popular list of UD?
by Flint March 30, 2004
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