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A person who is not a gangsta, yet goes on internet forums and pretends he is a gangsta.
Spider Loc is an e-gangsta
by Adam Ba4e November 11, 2006
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Internet gangster. Typically a user who is convinced gaining e-cred is enough of a justification to murder the english language with every word he posts (see analphabetism or illiteracy)

Many instances of these e-gangstas can be found all over the internet. On forums, in chatrooms and in online games. Recently, they can be found posting useless definitions of one-timer words or plain old sentences re-written in slang to the detriment of the Urban Dictionary website's overall worth, especially when these words repeatedly appear on front pages and as Word of the Day.

(Also see leetspeak)
*A and B reading forum posts together*
Post: "im bout to put this thizz in my life....spark this bleezy and take it from there yadadamean?"
A: "Wow, check out this e-gangsta"

by Kevitto August 07, 2007
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