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typing while intoxicated without fixing multiple errors even though the author knows they are messed up
"im gonna be home thyis weekend htougha"
"dnt ethn necut weekend forr breeak"
by Bastard_Kid_Kris March 03, 2005
When an idiot on the Internet makes a typo, or is just plain stupid, and then explains to the chat room that he or she is "drunk." This is usually followed by the list of drinks this person has had. Usually involving beer, vodka, and any other basic drink that any non-alky would know about.
23:44:56 Iron_Man> sorry I'm dronk !! hicup!!
23:46:16 Łoνεsтяucκ™> Edrunk.
23:46:19 Łoνεsтяucκ™> Niiice.
by `&&_Butane. May 11, 2009
1. A person who usually drinks while he/she is online. It becomes noticeable when the person is IMing other people.
Wikali: I'm so e-drunk right now I could fuck you!
SuperJerk: No way, man! She wants to fuck me!
SuperJerk: Are you for real?
Wikali: Do I know you?
by you wouldn't care September 04, 2005
E-drunk: When two or more people imbibe alcohol while emailing or instant messaging each other over the course of the night. Also can be used solo, usually to indicate blame for purchasing goods over the internet for items one doesn't really need.
Usage: "Do you want to meet up at the bar?" "Nah, let's stay home and get e-drunk instead."
Usage: "I need a brethalyzer on my computer so that I don't buy so much stuff e-drunk."
by Alan Budge May 11, 2007
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