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A nice light tan interior color for certain upscale cars, leather.

Check out the e-crew interior in that Beemer...sweet ride.

Dude, sorry bout the drunken barf stain on the e-crew.
by Sparkles Malone October 18, 2005
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The fratty mother fuckers who stand by the business elevator at EPHS. Polo, pastels, and sperrys is the attire while getting fucked up, getting fucked, and giving 0 fucks is the motto. These kids go straight from the bottle, then proceed to smash it on you because you're a worthless, piece of GDI. As you lay on the floor in severe pain, vomit may or may not projectile onto you while a member of the E-Crew screams, "no chase nation." Many people have not survived weekends with The E-Crew and have never been seen since. It can only be assumed the fallen ones challenged an E-Crew member to a case race, but soon found out pouring beer into their cargo pockets to try and win is a very unapproved action that may have had severe consequences. Also it has been reported that The E-Crew has recently been wasted so often that members of the Blue Crew are becoming increasingly hotter per beverage consumed. Yes, there is actually a mathematical formula included to help the process (Hotness of "enter Blue Crew member" = Initial hotness + cleavage x beverages consumed/ 2.5). In a recent interview with crew members, they were confronted and informed that many people disapprove of their lifestyle. After slim to no hesitation, a crew member responded, "niggaz don't scare me." It seems The E-Crew has truly changed EPHS forever, and the world for that matter. The E-Crew beats you in every aspect of life (yes, even dick size) and they truly don't give a fuck.
Scene is at Taco Bell while ordering food:

"Have you heard about these E-Crew kids?" - GDI #1

"Yeah, I hear they are aspiring 'frat stars'" - GDI #2

"They seem pretty cool to me" - Both of the GDI's girlfriends

"Cool? No... At least Iam not an alchoholic, like I am better" - GDI #1 ....... E-Crew members walk in and budge GDI's

"Hey man we were there first" - GDI #2

"Oh i am sorry, HA no i'm not... Wait a minute, I thought your extra pockets in those cargos were suppose to hold stuff for you, yet they can't even hold your spot in the Taco Bell line, now that is sad." - E-Crew Member

..... E-Crew members then proceed to paddle the GDI's with Beefy Crunches (that the GDI's bought) and take the GDI's slams back to the house to give them the dirty-d.
by Captain Addy June 02, 2013
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“Ecrew” is a social term first used by Miami entrepreneur- Whilly Bermudez in 2010. His intention for the term is actually a double meaning. The first meaning is to ‘promote good vibes’ among friends and contacts when engaged in social interaction. This can be compared to saying ‘Salud’ or ‘Cheers’ when celebrating with friends.

His second meaning of Ecrew is ‘electronic crew’, a referred to ‘building a crew of friends & contacts’ within his social media networking website and mobile applications. His use of the hashtag #Ecrew has grown in popularity and most recently used by NBA great Shaquille O'Neal is several online posts.
Example #1: "Thank you for inviting me to the event, I wish you much Ecrew"

Example #2: "I would really like it if you joined my Ecrew"
by PaulProVibes March 08, 2014
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Retarded Net Cliques that have no lives, mostly fat whores like coley, paige, and preg ones too. They go around trying to make other people look dumb, when in reality they have meaningless lives and pretend what people say doesn't effect them.
by KayLuh July 12, 2004
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