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Yanno to oil the ole' rusty pipes. Yanno beat your meat. Jerk off. Its kinda like square dancing but with your penis, except when you "e-bop-bop" it is actually acceptable(commendable even) to come afterwards, wherein square dancing it is not acceptable to come after the dance. In fact, gym teachers get really mad when you "finish" after you finish the song, speaking from personal experience.
Today I had a good e-bop-bop session, then I ate some potato chips and then I e-bop-boped again.

I e-bop-boped in the shower and nobody will ever know.

Soul music is to African Americans, as E-bop-bop is to my saturday mornings... and sunday mornings... and sunday afternoons.
by wswzilla5 October 26, 2011
To jerk off or a jerk off.
Dude, I haven't e-bop-bopped in 13 days!

Your such a e-bop-bop.
by wswbkbroiler October 29, 2006
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