Someone who goes on line too much (usually to play games and chat rather than to keep up with current events or educate themselves). They are so involved in their online activities that they lose track of daily reality.
Man, I've just been playing blackjack online 24-7! Haven't kept up with the news or anything. I dohn't know what's going on! I'm turning into a real e-tard.
by Jay Young April 19, 2005
A person who takes E on a regular basis untill the music in there head plays 24 /7 .
my friend Giancarlo cannot hear me because he is a E TAed
by Cal Van Clutch November 24, 2003
kids who act retarded because they have done to many e's. they do ecstacy at raves and their brains get holes in them so they act like idiots. real silly and dumb
1. yo those kids in the park are a bunch of e-tards
2. trevor started going to raves and getting high all the time. he lost his job and steals money. hes a huge e-tard
by little_miss September 28, 2006
1)A stupid dumb person who posts alot of stupid things on forums, sometimes for attention (see attention whore)

2)Someone who spends alot of time online, then is stupid enough to meet up with the people he/she talks to.
"I wish s/he'd stop posting...what an e-tard."
by Why the fuck should I tell you? August 29, 2004
A person who believes they are proficient in the use of technology and the internet, but in reality know only enough to present a danger to themselves and to others.
He said he knew how to program CGI. "Isn't that just like HTML but with more graphics?" What an e-tard!
by Melaketh October 07, 2003
an electronic retard, someone who does not understand electronics. Mostly associated with computers and the internet.
"you cant work IE?... gosh your such an e-tard"
by michael chernucha November 07, 2005
A dumb person one would meet on the internet.
"AOLers are total e-tards."
by unexplained bacon May 14, 2003

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