The guy at a days inn running thru the hallway at 7 AM screaming, "THIS CARPET IS SO SOFT! ITS SO COMFY! YOU HAVE TO COME FEEL THIS!!!"
holy jeez. Trak is a complete e-tard right now. Can we just lock him out?
by Siggy April 25, 2005
An E tard is someone who frequently uses ecstasy and has become a retard because of it. They suffer from rapid weight loss, verbal diahhera, and depression.
"Dont take ecstasy frequently or youll become an e tard"
by kiwi82 April 27, 2008
Individual whos use of ecstasy has made them stupid
I didn't understand a damn word you just said, e-tard.
by francky March 21, 2007
Someone who enjoyed the amazing and incredibly lovely drug called Ecstasy also known as MDMA, a little too much. And now retarded from it.
Little Betty Jo completely e-tarded yet is on ecstasy says "iiii giots a dee ploos in ingalalish this semesterrrr"
Straight-Edge Bobby James says "You shouldve apprieciated the edge Betty Jo, you're an E-Tard"
Little Betty Jo completely e-tarded yet is on ecstasy says "but i lovvvvvvvvvve youuuu."

apprieciate your fellow e-tarded friends, :]
they are special and believe you are special to them too.
by fucksxepussies August 26, 2005
Somebody who has become mentally impared due to excessive use of the drug, ecstacy.
Usually they zone out and stare off in to the ditance or find lame things extraordinarily funny. They carry around the attention span of a two year old with a brain tumor.
"Wow, you've become such an e-tard."

"Don't do ecstacy so much! You'll become e-tard."

"Dude, I swear I'm an e-tard."
by OMFGIHARTU December 21, 2008
Someone's who's electronically challenged, and always relies on the local "computer expert" (you) to help them attach files to e-mails or download hentai. E-tards tend to be over 40 and have not once considered Googling their problem, due to the fact they might hurt themselves if they try.

They only understand your instructions after you simplify them at least three times, and never remember the names of anything related to computers. They only understand what the Start Menu is if you tell the it's "the little green button in the bottom-left corner that says Start". It is physically impossible for them to memorize and recall processes with more than three steps. Trying to help an e-tard do something more complicated than locate a file plays out like an Abbott and Costello routine from hell.

Over 95% of all e-tards use Windows (typically XP or Vista). This is due to the fact that when they bought their first computer, they didn't feel like overspending on something they wouldn't use. It's kind of ironic, since it'd probably easier for them to use a Mac (simpler design, sexy graphics everywhere).

However, the e-tard is not a creature to be hated for their ignorance, but pitied, and even sympathized with. Because, in about 30 years, when cyborgs take over the MindNet and you can't remember how to log off, you are going to be so fucked.
A typical exchange with the most common e-tard: your mother:

Your mom: Honey, how do I log out of your father's account?
You: Start Menu, click Log Off.
Your mom: Where's the Start Menu?
You: Click the Start Button.
Your mom: Where's that?
You: Bottom-left corner. It says start.
Your mom: Okay. Now what?
You: Click Log Off.
Your mom: Where's that?
You: *sigh* Lemme show you.

At this point, you walk over and log off for h-what the fuck? Did your dad really save goat porn to his desktop? Jesus Christ. How did he even find that without your help? And the filename is "goatporn_02". Subtle.
by srs109 April 17, 2011
E-Tard noun "E" coming from the word Electronic and "Tard" from the word Retard.

Originated from the term "B-Tard" being any and all who visit the random board on 4chan. Also from the heavily used trend of putting "E" in front of words to make them seem cool and hip during the "DotCOM" boom of the late 90's to early 2000's.
P_Stone: Tyler stop being an E-Tard

Tyler: Well it takes one to know one *laughs ironically*
by P_Stone July 17, 2016
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