1. A retard (idiot) with an electronic device and/or capabilities (such as a cell phone or a PDA)

2. A virtual retard (someone who acts like an idiot online)
"will someone take the cell phone away from the e tard before he hurts himself!"

Bob: yea John was being an idiot on AIM last night
Tom: He does that alot, that's why i blocked him
Bob: yea he's such an e tard
#aim #idiot #electronics #pda #computer idiot #computer
by aparanoidbw December 17, 2006
When a person takes the drug extasy and lays down to sleep instead of dance.
Man that pill was lame all I did was chill all night,I hate when I e tard.
#chill #relax #lie down #bumed out #e- tard
by lil miss April 14, 2006
A member of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) who claims to be a professional wrestling fan, yet their wrestling knowledge does not extend past WWE. An Etard also perceives WWE as being the best and as having the greatest talents in the world just because it is the biggest US wrestling promotion.
Hey Forest, this guy just said that Raw is better than Impact just because he gets to see John Cena and Roman Reigns.

The guy is an Etard, Chris, and he can't help it.
#wwe #tna #wrestling #cenatard #romantard
by TheCMShaver March 03, 2015
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