A nonlethal weapon of mass destruction that produces an EMP, which wipes out any electronic device within the blast radius.
The weapon is silent, and if dropped above Kansas, one could wipe out all electronics in the USA, essentially pushing us back to the 1800s. Even cars would be permanently fried, except for deisels and some older models. And the possibility that terrorists would use this is overwhelming, as all you need is money and brains, and terrorists have plenty of both.
You come home and turn on the TV. Then the lights go out, but the TV still glows eerily, its been overloaded. Your cell phone feels very hot, its battery also overloaded. You look out the window and see that almost all the traffic has stopped,at least gasoline powered ones made after 1990. You recognize the signs of an e-bomb strike and look for your survival kit and gun.
by Red Raptor September 04, 2006
That which is dropped when a female totally flips out about something very insignificant. Derived from estrogen bomb, this type of bomb can be accompanied by loud shrieking, irrational speech, and possibly b!tch slapping.
Girl: OMFG, you bough my burger with onions?!?! You are a total idiot, that's like the billionth time you've done it! I frickin hate you! (SLAP)

Guy: Pick off the onions and quit dropping e-bombs everywhere.
by Fritze September 05, 2005
When under the influence of ecstasty...

You make yourself super lightheaded by breathing in and out really fast, then stand up while somebody suffocates your from behind. You pass out and wake back up hallucinating balls.
You want an e-bomb?
-sits down-
Heeve ho, heeve ho, -stands up and strangled-

by Cody Cook September 22, 2006
Action:: An E bomb is some thing that you do while on the the illegal drug called Ecstasy. The feeling is unexplainable, but seriously amazing.

-First you start out by kneeling on the the floor with one knee. (usually a small group of people kneel in a circle.) then you hold a glow stick or L.E.D. in the center, once every one has there hands in the center, (like you were to do a cheer at a baseball game) you proceed to move the glow stick or L.E.D slowly up and down while breathing in (deeply) when the light goes up and then out on the way down. (its important that everyone moves there hands up and down with the light) Then speed up the motion and the breathing till you start to feel a little lite headed. The last an final step is to stand up and stretch really hard and hold your breath for about 5 to 10 seconds, then let it out slowly. (I find that stretching like you would in the morning works the best.) Thats all there is to it! Enjoy.

It is very similar to the pass out game.
Dude that E bomb was fuckin nuts!
by gumby3045 March 23, 2008
a kind of electrical bomb that is suppose to burn all the electircal circuits and related stuffs and make the country dumb on information technology by disabling computer systems, transportation system etc.
fuk we are e bombed!!
by Mr.Gein November 30, 2006
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