A nonlethal weapon of mass destruction that produces an EMP, which wipes out any electronic device within the blast radius.
The weapon is silent, and if dropped above Kansas, one could wipe out all electronics in the USA, essentially pushing us back to the 1800s. Even cars would be permanently fried, except for deisels and some older models. And the possibility that terrorists would use this is overwhelming, as all you need is money and brains, and terrorists have plenty of both.
You come home and turn on the TV. Then the lights go out, but the TV still glows eerily, its been overloaded. Your cell phone feels very hot, its battery also overloaded. You look out the window and see that almost all the traffic has stopped,at least gasoline powered ones made after 1990. You recognize the signs of an e-bomb strike and look for your survival kit and gun.
by Red Raptor September 04, 2006
Top Definition
a pill that contains the drug MDMA.
We went to the rave last night and dropped those e bombs and rolled for 6 hours.
by E-RAD August 05, 2005
E, Ex, X, XTC, Ecstasy. Depending on the kind you take will determine you dancing or sitting, but you're guarenteed a good time.
Aw man, I was rollin' so hard on e-bomb last night.
by littler z September 03, 2006
Taking a pill of the drug extacy
I dropped 5 ebombs last night
by Joe Rodriguez June 10, 2005
A computer prank.
Opens up a lot of internet windows containing whatever websites the programmer chose.
Victim: "Lawl I got ebombed"

Culprit: "Owned"
by Migu3l January 21, 2009
Ecstasy tablet or pill
Yo my boy got caught with four E-Bombs
Was he rolling on E-Bombs?
by Massimo Jones March 07, 2008
Dropping a emotionally distressed friend off, at another friend's house. Aka emoBomb
Guy 1: I heard Tony was at your house last night?
Guy 2: Yeah, Danny left the eBomb at my house.
Guy 1: Sucks to be you.
by eDirty86 August 14, 2010
A large amount of emails consisting of spam sent to a single account. Used to make important documents hard to find, crash computers, and annoy people.
Nerd 1: That football player is a jackass

Nerd 2: Hit him with an e-bomb

-Jock returns home and logs on-

Jock: WTF!!!! #&&!!!!@@&#!!*@**!!!!!#@*!!!!!
by Cptn. Awesome November 02, 2009
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