excentric means calculating 2 out comes one pos or neg not neg but that every thing is connected down to the last living thing on the planet. mankinds search for peace and knowledge of god of hope of life how do you know if you ever lived only if you never die
life will always go on in a pos way
by jonathan w stieve January 15, 2004
Top Definition
Albert Einstein's forumla for his theory of general relativity.

E is Energy
m is Mass
c2 is really c squared (c^2). This means the velocity of light (8.0 x 10^8 meters/second)

By using this, it shows that no mass can accelerate to the speed of light.
Einstein is k1xx0r1ng j00 f00l'$ $#177`/ |V|47# $|<177$
by Yuri December 21, 2003
How idiots write E=MC^2.
The ^ signals "to the power of," which in the case of two we shorten to "squared."
by Al Einstein May 03, 2005
I'm E what up And I'm MC squared,
We came to rhyme and we came prepared
Yo I like this beat that you're given me,
Now tell me the theory of relativity
E stands for energy, sucker fool It’s not measured in watts bitch, it’s measured in joules
Listen up class, the M is for mass And if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass
The C stands for the speed of light in a vacuum so back up hoes and give me some room
An invariant mass requires rest energy without a hitch
We made Newton’s second law that appears in a nonrelativistic classical mechanics sitch, biotch
e=mc2......Einstein, motherfucker
by Oedipus T-Rex July 27, 2013
Albert Einstein's theory of realitivity meaning energy=mass x the speed of light squared
E=mc2 a simple equation but a lot of value.
by awesomeguy02 June 28, 2015
emoticon for smartass
Bill; I told you that was hot.
Jo; Whatever (-e=mc2-)
by BENO April 08, 2013
Energy=(Mountable Chance)x 2
The abount of Energy, money, that is required to get laid is equal to the Mountable Chance times 2.
Generally used by nerds and broke ass people.
Only connected to the theory of relativity if you are at a family reunion in Arkansas.
After utilizing the E=MC2 equasion I have determined that I would have to expend more "E" than I have available to achieve the desired results...
by Wetha Phukawie February 16, 2008
A Hip-Hop song performed by the group "High and Mighty" featuring the artist "Evidence" from a secondary group titled "Dilated Peoples". This single was produced by well known producer "Alchemist" who is known for works with 'Gangsta' rappers Mobb Deep and newly with Eminem's Anger Management tour after replacing DJ Green Lantern.
That Track by High and Mighty called E=MC2 is sick yo
by arskwared November 30, 2005
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