When a girl (lesbain or not), acts like a dyke or lesbian.
a) Those two girls in the corner are dykin'.

b) That girl said she was straight but she's obviously not cuz she's dykin'.
by IM_S0_FLY January 05, 2008
Top Definition
real def of dykin: a girl attracted to girls only
(boosie boo is talkin bout bisexual females in his song and that dont count he need to come up with some new shit...brikin or somthin)
look at that guh lickin it up yeaaa she dykin
by annonomass December 31, 2007
1). to be really super gay (stupid)
2). a lesbian
3). something really fun to say
1). holy shit, that nigga iz dykin
2). yeaaah, i heard that she be dykin wit shanonda
3). i be dykin on the reg
by jakeeeeeelawl May 09, 2008
A verb use to describe a 'girl' in the process of or in the act of being a dyke.
"Ew. Look at that girl over there. She is wearing a flannel shirt and has a boy haircut." - girl 1
"Yeah, she's Dykin', yo"- girl 2
by finnacopsomejs November 28, 2013
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