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A masculine lesbian who feels she must display her high testosterone levels by bullying, ridiculing and denigrating others. A dykenut may be recognised from the following characteristics; a) the presence of a mullet hairstyle, b) signs of failed attempts at growing facial hair, and c) heavy nocturnal activity, including at place of employment.
Have you been to the post office lately? The big dykenut who works there looked at me like she wanted to fuck me from behind with a steely dan.
by Sorry Bitch I Have a Real Cock January 02, 2010
Describes the appearance of the crotch of a female homosexual who is wearing pants too tight for her pelvic fat. This makes the shape of her mud flaps/beef curtains more obvious. See Camel Toe
Damn, that lezzy so big, she got dykenuts.
by Mooseknuckle7a5 August 19, 2009
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