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A bag full of dykes.
wow fallon, stop being a dyke bag.
by ralphhie August 18, 2009
A derrogatory term or insult. Typically used to describe a girl or woman who ruins things, but is not restriced to that and can be used to describe someone who makes you angry, or is of a general surly demeanor. Has no actual lesbian connotation. Seemingly a combination of dyke and douche bag but the meaning is greatly changed.

Originating during a heated game of Mario Party 5 in which Peach was declared a "Dykebag."
That dykebag Peach landed on the mircale space during the last turn of Mario Party and made me lose the game.
by Jonny Shotty January 03, 2006
*When a female puts their Cooch in your mouth without you wanting them to.

*same as tea bagging but with a females part.
* Haha, She just dyke bagged you!

* When Morgan falls asleep we are going to dyke bag her ass.
by lil lynn February 26, 2009
Someone who pisses you off.
Sean is such a dyke bag.
Mr. Hartzell is being a dyke bag.
by PreschoolHostage October 17, 2007