A spikey hairstyle worn by mid-aged lesbos.
I realized at lillth fair the two most common hairstyles were the femullet and the dykespike.
by PoodyPaul November 09, 2007
Top Definition
A haircut that can be on a guy or girl where the hair is shorter in the back than in the front. Its kinda like a reverse mullet but not quite, and spikier in the back.
Ex.1:"That chick is a lezbo, i mean c'mon look at that dyke spike."
Ex.2:"Matt and Adam have dyke spikes."
possibly spelt dike spikes.
refers to the short, spiky hair cut that lesbians tend to go for.
makes them look like a male from behind
"OMG, look at her, she's such a lesbian, she's even got dyke spikes."
by EXCLAMATIONMark May 07, 2007
when a woman who loves munching box gets a haircut that could be mistaken for a man's if viewed from behind
Person 1: Is that a dude?
Person 2: No it's just some lesbo bitch with dyke spike.
by Muff Diver April 19, 2005
A man who has sexual intercourse with women who identify as primarily lesbian, but who are attracted to men.
After Liz broke up with her girlfriend, she was really horny, and she hooked up with James -- he's such a dyke spike!
by Linda Vista August 18, 2006
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