Dyke: Female homosexual who secretly wants to be male.

Example "As busy as a Dyke in a hardware store"
The urge to be something you admire or long to be.
A Dyke will dress like a guy, walk, talk and act like a guy and will shy away from girly cocktails and martinis and go for a beer even though more than 2 makes them cry a puke all night and spend a long time staring a power tools and appliances with glee but not knowing what the fuck it is.
by Jason lee quit Scientology February 20, 2009
a feminine character who desires to fornicate another of the same gender
michael, more like dykel!
by Jis July 18, 2005
An idiot, like the work dick.
''That mans a dyke''
by LMCFE October 17, 2008
a word for a leasbian woman
damn dude sarah and bree are dykes
by dykecity July 03, 2005
a female, who has a short, masculine haircut and is sexually attracted to other members of the female sex.
"That dyke loves pussy."
by tim duncan October 10, 2004
shortened name for a dirtbike.
"i love to ride dykes"
"but your a guy"
by chitty chitty bang bang April 30, 2005
{n.} term for a lesbian, usually masculine-looking one.
{adj.} dykey.
"Damn dude, did you know Cookie and Jane are dykes." adj.: "Rog says I'm cute in them, but Bill says I look kinda dykey in these Birkenstoks. What do you think Cookie?"
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
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