a word for a leasbian woman
damn dude sarah and bree are dykes
by dykecity July 03, 2005
a female, who has a short, masculine haircut and is sexually attracted to other members of the female sex.
"That dyke loves pussy."
by tim duncan October 10, 2004
{n.} term for a lesbian, usually masculine-looking one.
{adj.} dykey.
"Damn dude, did you know Cookie and Jane are dykes." adj.: "Rog says I'm cute in them, but Bill says I look kinda dykey in these Birkenstoks. What do you think Cookie?"
by Akitschianado July 17, 2005
shortened name for a dirtbike.
"i love to ride dykes"
"but your a guy"
by chitty chitty bang bang April 30, 2005
A horizontal underground rock formation that is younger that the surrounding rock.
while digging the well we hit a dyke.
by Crystal March 09, 2005
Girl hockey player
usually has bad skin and bad hair

gary: Oh man, look at that dude with nasty curly hair and intense muscles
george: Um, thats a girl
gary: Ohh my mistake, she plays hockey
george: hugeeeee dyke
gary: HECK YES
by lynardskinna May 07, 2008
When someone is annoying and they whine like crazy, wheres a Jacket all the time and looks haggard. named Sabrina.
"Sabrina is such a Dyke"
by kjhkhsdf May 03, 2008

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