a bitch who likes bitches.
will often pass herself off as bi or straight, but 90 percent of the time the bi ones will "come out to you" after about 4 months, and basically throw your feelings back in your face. two days later youll see her with some other dyke, making the wound deeper.
girl:i really, really love you.
guy:ok, i love you too.
girl a month later:i like girls now
guy: fucking dyke
by will burbadurb November 03, 2010
A female who could kick your ass, fuck your woman, and make you eat dirt.

This is a very dangerous person. She is not to be fucked with. Unless you want to see your wife being banged around by a girl and loving it!

A dyke usually obtains some type of employment usually reserved for males such as police officer,truck driver,etc.
A dyke took my wife and left town with her.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 26, 2004
A woman, normally being associated as lesbian although not completely correct. A (Dyke) in the same can be a strait woman who feels since men or boys have wronged her payback is due to all other males. She can not stand the male race from past experience. Hates males with a dieing passion. Will do anything to get even or hurt males for Percival of what they are.
You see that hot guy over there. Ya why? Watch this, this (Dyke) move gets them all the time.

Ya he is just like all the other pricks in the world. Males should die. The only thing their good for is to fuck a woman over. I'll show him. He will not even know what hit him till it is to late, good bye wife or girlfriend.

Did you hear what he did? Just for that I am going to make him pay. What are you going to do? First get him to fall in love with me. Then slowly tear him apart. After a few years of messing with his head, I will drop him like a bad habit, as I roll him for all he has in the process.
by DarkLightAngel January 04, 2010
a lesbo, girl likes girl anyone who plays softball mostly people with the names jen or emily
jen is such a dyke!
by qwerasdfzxcvtgbyhn November 08, 2009
term often used to describe homosexual women.
Lindsey Lohan is a dyke.
by Billy Loomis is sweet June 02, 2009
1.Dyke comes from the dutch word 'Dijk'. A 'dijk' is an embankment that protects water from entering dry land. Because many parts of Holland lie beneath sea level, holland contains a lot of 'dijken' ( multiple for dijk).

2. There is a myth about a man that used his finger to hold down a hole in a dijk to save the land behind it.
'Putting a finger in a dyke' is a sexual term.
2. Yesterday i put a finger in a dyke
by Scheffers May 11, 2006
A girl who has a dyke spike, holds her beerbelly in pictures, and looks like a total dude. Once was very cute, now looks like the true definition of dyke. Which is this.
Ew dude Sophie's such a dykeeee. She's so fucking dramatic and is turning into a butch bitch.
by LMFAOXDD January 20, 2010

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