A butch lesbian
Georgie is a dyke
by Thelittleg April 20, 2015
A girl that is interested in other girls; A female who enjoys sexual intercourse with another female.
"Woah did you see Ashley, she's a total dyke!"
"Dude, Ashley just told me she likes Paul's mom, what a dyke."
by Oh Mar May 14, 2008
A strong, assertive woman -- regardless of sexual orientation.
"Get ready for an uppercut, you dyke!" - Finn the Human to Marceline the Vampire Queen, on Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.
by RamonCarlos September 08, 2010
1. A girl that likes girls.
2. Butch
Amber Fulton is a real dyke!
by sneakster27 February 07, 2009
A word that has been reclaimed by some lesbians and queer woman as a term of empowerment.

It could be from the name Boudica (or Boadicea or Boudicca) who was a queen of the celts and was the leader of the only army to ever defeat the Romans in battle. Eventually the Romans did defeat her andher army. She was captured and died by suicide of swallowing poison.
I am dyke and proud of it.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
The word Dyke was originally a slur, but nowadays it is used as a derogatory term to refer to women who are attracted to women, also known as Lesbians or Sapphists. Though a few women who identify under this sexual preference find this term alright, most of them will find this term highly offensive. The word Dyke is more often then not used in cruel way.

The word Dyke does NOT refer to transsexual men. They are MEN, not WOMEN.
Rude: "Did you hear that she kissed some girl? Ew, what a freaking dyke!"

Neutral: "She likes girls, so I guess that makes her a dyke, right? Okay, cool."

Note: The term dyke is hardly used in a "good" or "nice" way.
by Sir Flirtsalot December 01, 2013
A dike or dyke in the street is a hoe that was born addicted to the crack rock. However, as the dike grows older she forms a relationship with a crack rock dealer that also serves as her pimp, this is called a sill, not a dike. This is a type of tabular crack or sheet cocaine intrusion cuts into the profit of the pimp like the decaying layers that cut across the siding of the whore houses.
Guy: Yo look at that dyke. She would do anything for some crack.
by The Naked Booty October 13, 2014

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