a scary lesbian that looks like a man;facial hair often included.
female gym teachers are usually dykes
by abbi mazz April 10, 2003
A woman, sometimes a lesbian, who can commonly be seen with a mullet hair style. Usually belives that men are usless and have strong political views against men.
That dyke kicked those three guys' asses.
by Jono December 13, 2003
abusing someone - derogatory
referring someone to be an idiot, stupid, pathetic, annoying or dumb
Go away,dont be such a dyke
by bren February 27, 2005
a flaming lesbo or gay man
damn them dykes... suckin dick behind the theatre
by cylon2007 May 29, 2006
a lesbian who is a slut as well.
That girl isn't just lesbian, she's a dyke.
by vern January 13, 2005
A butch lesbian
Georgie is a dyke
by Thelittleg April 20, 2015
A dike or dyke in the street is a hoe that was born addicted to the crack rock. However, as the dike grows older she forms a relationship with a crack rock dealer that also serves as her pimp, this is called a sill, not a dike. This is a type of tabular crack or sheet cocaine intrusion cuts into the profit of the pimp like the decaying layers that cut across the siding of the whore houses.
Guy: Yo look at that dyke. She would do anything for some crack.
by The Naked Booty October 13, 2014

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