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an extremlly hot cult of chicks
boy 1: daaaamn look at leslie, virginia, adi, anna, caroline, kimmy, rachael, sarah, rachel, kate and christine. They're so hot
boy 2: yeah they're dykes
by dyke embassedor November 08, 2005
18 58
Lets face it, i know a lot of people will agree. A dyke (Not dike) is referred to a lesbian, sometimes referred to someone who likes the opposite sex. Mostly means lesbian. I have herd some people call gay people dykes too, thats why i put it in the theres proof.

Simple as that.
The woman/man is a dyke.
by A good definition April 24, 2006
18 64
Being flat chested and ugly and hideous to the human eye.
Bill: Man, that sammi niss sure is a dyke.
Ted: Yeah, she's the biggest dyke in the world.
by Ben volkel July 19, 2008
13 60
a female faggot. lalalalala.
rosie o'donnell is a dyke with her butch haircut
by 1301 August 25, 2006
40 95
A lesbian.

Originated because when two women rub there pussy's together it forms a wet dyke.
Look at those two girls, they are probably dykes.
by Cruiser June 21, 2004
30 88
women who are smart enought to know that they dont need a man to be sexually satisfied
yep, i'm a dyke
by anonymous September 12, 2003
233 295
A very masculine looking, dressing, sounding, and acting lesbian.

Not to be confused with a 'lesbo'. Lesbos are commonly more attractive lesbians (the type that you would like to see in pornography).

A dyke is an ugly lesbian, and only an ugly lesbian. Common traits of a dyke are short hair, deep voices, and overdress in plaid and denim.
I think my Physical Education teacher might be a dyke.
by thedvs01 May 04, 2003
53 130