A horizontal underground rock formation that is younger that the surrounding rock.
while digging the well we hit a dyke.
by Crystal March 09, 2005
When someone is annoying and they whine like crazy, wheres a Jacket all the time and looks haggard. named Sabrina.
"Sabrina is such a Dyke"
#sabrina #dyke #annoying #jacket #hansport.
by kjhkhsdf May 03, 2008
Refering to a Lesbian who for one reason or another hates men. Most of the time thinking that they (women) should rule the world. Not to be confused with a regular lesbian who simply enjoys relationships with other females. A Dyke thinks that all woman should be lesbians and men completely taken out of the equation.the ironic thing is that dykes more often than lesbians seem to dress like men even though they claim to hate them.
I hate those man hating Dykes
#manhater #superdyke #manwoman #uglywoman #hillary clinton
by Lumpkins July 12, 2008
Girl hockey player
usually has bad skin and bad hair

gary: Oh man, look at that dude with nasty curly hair and intense muscles
george: Um, thats a girl
gary: Ohh my mistake, she plays hockey
george: hugeeeee dyke
gary: HECK YES
#dyke #hockey #lesbian #curly hair #acne
by lynardskinna May 07, 2008
1) A lesbian who is more manly than lady-ish and usually is the alpha-lesbian.

2) My sister.

3) David Spade.

4) You.
Wow dude... My sister... is a total dyke!

Ho! that lesbian better find a hot lesbian, not that dykey dyke Mcdykington!

#lesbian #dyke #my sister #you #alpha-lesbian #dykey #dykey dyke mcdykington #david spade
by Lesbian seagul September 23, 2007
A Lezbo Mexican emo girl.
Hey, did you know Jasmine is a dyke?!
#lezbo #dike #dyke #lesbain #jasmine
by Lezbo J May 03, 2008
a woman who loves to fornicate with other women or in other words fuck them these women are usually easy to tell that their a dyke by their short hair manly looks maybe a bitch or a bitchy atitude, but some of these women are extremely hot. this would be called a lesbian(or hopefully a bi-sexual)they make very good porn.
"damn that girl's hot, she can't be a dyke...maybe a lesbian...but not a dyke."

guy 1: "holy shit, was that a guy"
guy 2: "naw dude that was a girl"
guy 1: "oh...must have been a dyke"

"that teacher Ms. Pruitt is a dyke"
#teacher #bitch #skank #dykes #bi
by ho ho ho now i have a machine gun February 13, 2008
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