A flood wall often made of rock and earth. It is chiefly British, spelled Dike. It may also be a ditch or channel. In Geology, it is a long mass of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rock. The use of a dyke may cause severe flooding on the other side of the river and up-stream of the dyke.

This is also the original meaning of the word, in comparison to the new, generally accepted meaning referring to lesbians.
Because of the dyke across town, the flood was significantly less devistating.

Though it's a risk, there is a small hole in the dyke to let water seep out through more quickly.
by Ben Deivert May 31, 2008
a female who likes females.....
Audrey is a dike and her girlfriends name is Beth, she is also a dyke
by abby June 23, 2004
A word refering to a lesbian.
Many refer to female sports players. Mainly softball players. Many find it offensive.
Softball players are such dykes!

Did you know the softball team is a bunch of dykes?
by Burnzy13 June 07, 2010
a lez that thinks very high of herself & acts like a man VERY frequently
Omg Mrs. Brown is such a dyke!
by hp2341 May 15, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Clinton is such a dyke.
by Kyle Samuelsson March 05, 2008
Dyke: Female homosexual who secretly wants to be male.

Example "As busy as a Dyke in a hardware store"
The urge to be something you admire or long to be.
A Dyke will dress like a guy, walk, talk and act like a guy and will shy away from girly cocktails and martinis and go for a beer even though more than 2 makes them cry a puke all night and spend a long time staring a power tools and appliances with glee but not knowing what the fuck it is.
by Jason lee quit Scientology February 20, 2009
An idiot, like the work dick.
''That mans a dyke''
by LMCFE October 17, 2008
a feminine character who desires to fornicate another of the same gender
michael, more like dykel!
by Jis July 18, 2005

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