A flood wall often made of rock and earth. It is chiefly British, spelled Dike. It may also be a ditch or channel. In Geology, it is a long mass of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rock. The use of a dyke may cause severe flooding on the other side of the river and up-stream of the dyke.

This is also the original meaning of the word, in comparison to the new, generally accepted meaning referring to lesbians.
Because of the dyke across town, the flood was significantly less devistating.

Though it's a risk, there is a small hole in the dyke to let water seep out through more quickly.
by Ben Deivert May 31, 2008
a girl who is not very girly

acts like a man

gretchen duff
wow, that softball player is such a dyke!
by cHolmes May 20, 2008
Differentiate between DYKE and DIKE:

n. 1 dike: 7. a. A ridge, embankment, long mound, or dam, thrown up to resist the encroachments of the sea, or to prevent low-lying lands from being flooded by seas, rivers, or streams. (Oxford English Dictionary)
n. 2 dyke. Of obscure origin. A lesbian; a masculine woman. Also attrib.
1942 BERREY & VAN DEN BARK Amer. Thes. Slang §405/3 Masculine woman,..dike, dyke.

The spelling DIKE is the proper etymological spelling for the ditch. The spelling DYKE is useful to make the difference clear.
Why do lesbians wear Dutch Boy hairdos? 'Cuz we alway have our fingers in a dyke.
by Anne Thrax August 22, 2006
a lesbian(usually derogatory)
She was very offended when her best friend's father called her a dyke.
by Light Joker September 18, 2004
A lesbian, espically a butch, or masculine lesbian. Can be negative.
She's a totaly dyke.
by Mariel July 21, 2002
Though commonly used as a derogatory word for Lesbian, it has been widely used to refer to a plainly ugly girl, whether they are straight or lesbian.

boy 1: I heard Judy was going out with mike
boy 2: why the fuck? she's a major dyke dude.
by Jim dyer February 24, 2008
A slang term for a pair of side-cutter pliars (tool).
Jimmy: Bob, can you please hand me the dykes on the work bench, by the lineman's pliars, so I can cut this wire?

Bob: Sure, Jimmy.
by napawlm December 28, 2005
wow you people are dumbasses. OK most of you have the definition half right a dyke can be slang for a lesbian but it tickles me that non of you seem to know that a dyke is also a kind of snippers or wire cutters. god damn
Rick: "Hey man can you hand me the dykes i need to cut this power wire."
John: "Dude how do you cut a wire with a rug muncher?"
Rick: **smack** "A dyke is a also a wire cutters you fuckin deusch bag!"
by Kasey Musser January 06, 2005

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