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1. When two usually heterosexual girls get really drunk and make-out with each other.

2. When a lesbian puts on her dykiest looking outfit for a night out, specifically at the gay bar - ie tie and pinstripe vest
1. Holy shit dude, those two chicks are totally dyking out!

2. I'm definitely going to dyke out for the bar tonight with my fauxhawk and pinstripe vest
by AliceP August 16, 2008
To have a woman kiss another woman.
Kayla and Emma began to dyke-out last night.
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
When a heterosexual man dons some article of clothing, or other accessory, and is transformed into looking like an old lesbian.
You can really dyke out by wearing James' pink sunglasses.
by pooopooopooo123 September 08, 2009
v. When two manly lesbians show affection for each other. Not to be confused when two hot feminine lesbians get it on, which is just called good shit.
I saw those two bull dykes dyke out with their mullets in front of the consturction site.
by maybenot September 04, 2003
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