D.W. abbrv. 'Danger Wank'. The practice of sly masturbation in public places.
'Where's Chris?' - 'Oh he's just popped out for a quick D.W.'
by Gnasher69 August 21, 2009
don't worry
"dw about it"
by Manuel Sanchez July 27, 2003
used in msn, aim etc

dont worry
ok dw

ok dont worry
by Hannah.l May 26, 2005
the name of the little sister of Arthur on the non-hit cartoon TV series "Arthur."

Stands for Dora Winefred. Is also a huge douchebag
Arthur: DAD!! There's bologna in the dishwasher!
by blgdinger October 26, 2004
dw is a short slang word used when texting or when writing in slang it means = don't worry
mark- oh im really sorry about your cooker.
john- d.w mate it can be fixed.
by ben99 October 02, 2005
Doctor Who. BBC series.
DW Season 1
by presto_chango June 22, 2011
dear wife
My DW is growing fatter every day.
by t56yp February 12, 2012
Dog Whisperer
Can't wait to Watch the DW on NATGEO tonight
by talvod April 21, 2011

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