1. Da hood
2. Where sraight up gat weilding foos rock the kris and chill at cribs
3. Where da bomb chroinc is fucking at mofucker
4. THe home of the best man ever, eddy mack
5. The place in the world wit da most gangs and da most shooting every day. Its so hard growing up in deese streets, we gots da gangbangers, da crack dealers, da hos, da pimps, da hustlers.
6.The most gangsta peeps in dis hood are Alex Turner, Mike Moore, Joe Carrol, B man, Will Shrom bomb, jesse fizzile, and da fa infamous rip D O doubla G. You best stay away from deese hustlers unless u wanna get gatted fo shizzle
7. The town with a retard who brought beer to school and got rattwed out by da fuzzies
wow wtf mate is this twenty yet muta trucka trucka foo bich
by A Trizzos 20 inch black pen0r February 11, 2005
A small town off the coast of Massachusetts. They are also snobs who hate MArshfield.MArshfield is way better than Duxbury, we got the RAms. So u people in Duxbury you SUCK!
Poeple in the town of Duxbury are snobs.
by mark April 16, 2005
1. any town with too much money
2. a town with a pansy football team that has purple uniforms (see queer for an example of their football team)
3. a town where faggots come from
4. any town with too much money
5. the worst town around
6. faggot
7. any town where 90 percent of the men suck dick

8. and did i mention any town with too much money?
Duxburry sucks, its the by far worst town ever, all faggot ass rich sons of bitches come from that town.
silver lake
by turdfurgisin April 08, 2005
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