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home of lacrosse star max quinzani best laxer ive ever seen
full ride to duke
duxbury is the greatest lax town in the nation
by u no hoo September 12, 2006
Only good part of this boring town, is the beach and bay. Also if your a member of the Yacht club, you suck at sailing. The Duxbury Bay Maritime School owns your rich slow asses, go back to the golf course, and stop pretending your a real Yacht club, cause your not.
Also not every one in this town is a rich snob, some are just rich.
If you live in Duxbury you do not have an accent, but if you live one town over in marshfield you have a horrible one, thats just wierd.
If you want to sail, and not be retartedly slow go to DBMS in Duxbury.
by lola January 09, 2005
Duxbury is filled with snobby bitches who think we're better than everyone else but really, we're not. We have no class, nothing to do, and too much money. We shove lacrosse sticks up our asses for the fun of it while we're chugging Vodka. We fuck all our friend's moms and the word virgin is unheard of. Our parents basically supply us with all the liquor and weed and sometimes even join in. We all suck on each other's chodes. Ever seen that 70's show where they all go around in a circle and pass the blunt? it's kinda like that except we go around and suck each others dicks. so really, it's not like that at all. Theres nothing good about our town. we suck. GO SWIM TEAM! bee tee dubzzzz, i wanted us to lose that hundredth lax game.

Junior: Hello Mrs. Smith, would you like to fuck?
Mrs. Smith: Why, yes, i would. Come over when my son has practice.
by mytownblowss May 11, 2009
A really nice, rather wealthy town on the South Shore of Mass. Most individual kids from Duxbury are ok, but as a group they are an arrogant group of douche-bags. There is a natural hatred for the town by everyone else on the South Shore and all of Mass in general. Stop thinking you're richer than everyone by the way. None of the 20 highest median income towns in Mass are even on the South Shore so fuck it.

The boys lax team dominates life, but take it way to seriously. The reason they are so good is because their players come out the womb with a spoon in hand ready to lax. Also no one else in Mass cares about lax, which is a clear advantage. The hockey team is consistently one of the most overrated teams in the state and always gets stomped by the likes of Hingham and the Catholic Conference teams. I feel awful for the soccer team, because they are always dominant in a sport that every town takes seriously and don't get nearly the amount of attention they deserve. I truly respect the baseball team; however, as they are usually pretty damn good for kids not athletic enough to play lacrosse. I would mention girls sports but who cares.

Sick mascot you faggots, it's great that you have no relation to the ocean like every other South Shore town, but I'd rather be a Hull Butt Pirate than a Deluxbury Dragon. At least pick something more fitting like the Fairies if you want your mascot to be a mythical creature.
PS- Your girls have nothing on Hingham, Scituate, and Cohasset’s
Last year the Duxbury boys lacrosse coach offered a current Syracuse Freshman attackmen a spot on his team...

The kid was a Hingham resident who the coach apparently expected to live with his assistant for the duration of the year in order to become eligible to attend Duxbury Public Schools
by FTOBV February 02, 2011
1. Referred to by others not fortunate enough to live there as Deluxeberry
2. Lacrosse super-stars
3. Can beat Marsh-vegas at any sport
4. The best place to live on the South Shore
5. On the water (meaning summer rocks!)
I wish I lived in Duxbury, then my life would be complete
by meggoleggo August 04, 2005
A small town south of Boston, where lacrosse is king and parents provide their children with mass amounts of alcohol. Residents have an inability to communicate with residents of surrounding towns. Also known as Douchebag USA.
If you're not from Duxbury, then I can't talk to you. Get the fuck out of my party and go to the Marshvegas strip, bitch!
by Beedge April 02, 2005
A town in Massachusetts where the youth (who seem inexplicably enamored with their self-declared wealth) are none-the-less unaware of the distinction between "you're" and "your," as is apparent from many of these definitions.
"Hey Tad, isn't Duxbury da bomb?" "Why yes Muffy, YOUR right that it certainly is all dat, as well as a bag of chips."
by KingCaesar October 04, 2008