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The shortened version of duvet which is much cooler and awesome. Can be used as a both singular and plural term.
Can you gwarn me a duve?
Get me many duve.
by Mohammed Jamil April 20, 2011
Used to describe something as cool and/or amazing.
Hey Josh look at that dog. Duve.
by bamcrackerjack April 17, 2007
Noun: singular term for "Duvet".

Pronounced "Doo-vh".
Hey, this is a really warm duve
by goodnessgraciousgeorge April 20, 2011
a derogatory term used to describe someone who just completed an idiotic act, often times resulting in the pain of others
After Jimmy claimed to have seen and demolished a UFO hovering over his house receiving signals from the universe, John smacked him, explaining that it is a satellite they had received for christmas the past year, calling Michael a "duve" for thinking such.
by Mohamed and Asad November 27, 2004