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A combination of a "dutch oven" and "bitch slap", wherein one releases flatulence into his or her own hand and proceeds to "bitch slap" an opponent. The smell is horrendous.
I dutch slapped your wife this morning.
by The Lone Appendage June 12, 2009
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A slap that is completely unexpected and uncalled for. The slapper does not need to be provoked in any way, he merely needs to feel the urge to slap someone and then succumb to it. Dutch slaps often occur when the slapper is in mid-conversation with a total dweeb.
Jon: The atmosphere on saturn is made up of three...

Ivan: *Dutch slaps Jon hard in the face*

Jon: What the hell was that fo...

Ivan: *Dutch slaps Jon even harder*
by steveclarkrocks February 01, 2011

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