Although once used in the past by the British to illustrate a person who collects refuse. It has recently been used to illustate a person who is called to collect dead bodies and bring them to the morgue. In some high crime areas (such as detroit) dustmen often will drive around looking for a crime scene and get first dibs on transporting the body.
Police officer to dispatcher: Victim has been shot 10 times in the head. Request a dustman to the corner of Linwood and Grand.
by ChiRex September 25, 2006
Top Definition
Chiefly British: A garbage man.
{Martha}: Linda, please be certain to take that old busted chair to the curb tonight so that the dustman will throw it into the back of his dustcart in the morning.
by Telephony May 21, 2014
The greatest robot master ever made
Dr. Wily: We need to think of something fresh.. something.. original

Assistant: I have an idea! Let's make a giant vacuum cleaner that will shoot dust

Dr. Wily: hmm... Dustman...
by dizingo October 29, 2006
Someone who has a really boring job, picking up shit, and regularly takes a sneaky wank when no ones looking, just to keep himself happy.
I'm sure i just saw that dustman pleasuring himself behind my wheely bin.
by Sam Wood May 09, 2006
a) A man fabricated of dust. Imaginary figure brought to life using words that the teller has made up completely are are influenced by the current vicinity.

b) (British) Sanitation worker.
Kaiser Sozé is the greatest of all dustmen

My old man's a dustman- part of some song.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
A corpse yet to be discovered, usually used as a threat.
If I catch that snitch, he's a dustman.
by PCooper May 06, 2008
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