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Person who does not carry themselves well. Not saying they have to walk around with money hanging out of their pockets, but it never hurts to be tidy.
I can't go out the house looking like a dust bunny.
by Angeleka September 18, 2003
A cocaine addict, usually female
Courtney Love is a dust bunny.
by Heather Casteel July 26, 2004
An attractive young female that has not been fucked recently, and has become "dusty".
David: Damn, that chick is hot!
Ryan: Yeah, that's Britney, she's a dust bunny.
David: You can't be serious!
Ryan: She's got AIDS.
David: Bugger.
by Cokebaron July 15, 2009
i person that loves to smoke wet all the time
yo dude shes a fuckin dust buddy man she needs to layoff the wet.
by salina August 26, 2004