1. To smash, beat or bash someone or to get hurt badly.
2. To get in trouble from an authority figure (police, parents, teacher).
1. "We had a big 'dust up'(fight). I 'dusted'(smashed) him by throwing a right jab, left jab and then a sweet uppercut and he was laying in the dust."
"I'll probably get dusted 'k-grinding' this 20 stair hand-rail."
2. "He doesn't sell coke anymore...he got dusted."
"My parent's dusted me for smoking weed in my room."
"I'm going to get dusted for not having done this assignment."
by Diego August 18, 2003
It means the same thing as dirt or anything gross.
eww, that girl is so dust.
by WhitneyCee.Eye May 25, 2010
"I must have been smoking dust last night, because I thought we were fine those first couple of days." A line from author Juno Diaz, in his book "This is How You Lose Her"
by esperanza September 17, 2012
it means to leave somewhere
c'mon mate lets dust
by samperry October 16, 2009
1. Fine, dry particles of matter
Dust is found in copious amounts inside Arsenal FC's trophy cabinet.
by 34years... March 01, 2010
Going faster than someone else, particularly in some sort of formal or informal competition ; in driving, running or walking. As in "leave in the dust".
He was running at a good pace and I was a little behind him, but when we got to the hill I dusted him. I never saw him again.
by cyberfool April 21, 2009
What you say if you ask a question and get ignored.
Fancy a drink?

No reply..

by hyperrmee March 03, 2011
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