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Im all done (sweeping or whatever). Your not just done, when you dust your broom your done done....its really over, your finished and your leaving to go on to your next whatever
"I'm going to dust my broom girl". Means I'm finishing up with you for good and for the last time and I'm not coming back any more.
by bluesy October 08, 2009
Code of The Blues.
Comes from the song Dust My Broom, in which the man is dusting his broom in his room before he moves out so that when his so called friends get his room their in for a little surprise. Payback is a Bitch!
by wamrjamr July 11, 2011
Kiss my Ass
Gimme the car keys dad. Dust my broom boy.
by J Rdog July 13, 2008
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