A city place in Germany OR someone with a scrunched up face.
"That guy looks like a dusseldorf homo."
by kelleFmylyfe July 31, 2008
Top Definition
Noun. Equivalent to a cleveland steamer but with a continental flair. A sexual act in which one partner defecates on the other partner's chest. Named for the German city. It can also be used as an equivalent to the word shit; as a verb or noun.
I heard Britney and Kevin broke up because she dropped a fat dusseldorf on him one time.
by ps3 in the b November 17, 2006
A word used to describe the epitome of awesomeness, Sometimes confused with a "Cleveland Steamer"

This word is best used when you complete a task you had set out to do, describing that task, or the way you completed that task, as "Dusseldorf."
However, this word can be used in place for any simple word.
As an adjective: "Michael Jordan's shot was Dusseldorf."
As a noun: "Johnny got a Dusseldorf on his test, and aced the class."
As a verb: "Yo Tony, Dusseldorf me that pencil."
As an adverb: "I Dusseldorfingly hit a hole-in-one"
by dusseldorfin4life June 22, 2010
verb - A sexual act preformed with a midget and involving cake

noun - A town in Germany.
ex. Me and my midget boyfriend dusseldorfed so hard last night, it got everywhere.

Ex. Where does Johanna live? Oh she lives in Dusseldorf.
by Ridgby February 14, 2011
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